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Blog BLITZ BOOTCAMP & KETTLEBELLS: 2 Amazing Workouts!




  • by kmli
  • December 17, 2014

As if having more than 60 adult Krav Maga classes each month isn’t enough, we offer a wide variety of fitness training opportunities including Power Punch on Sundays at 10:30am, and two other classes that will get you into amazing shape while you are actually enjoying yourself!

On Wednesdays at 7pm, try our BLITZ BOOTCAMP class. Each week, Instructor Michael Cohen devises more and more imaginative (some say ‘diabolical’!) training exercises. Michael draws on his years in the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces), a career as a physical therapist, and his own triathlete training to come up with training activities that are a lot of fun even as they increase strength and stamina, burn calories (big-time!), and improve your overall physical health.


On Tuesdays at 6:45pm, Instructor Dean Angel puts his students through one of the most effective strength and calorie-burning workouts: Kettlebell training. The class is great for anyone who wants to get stronger and leaner. We have kettlebells for every strength level, and Dean helps his students make the most of every technique. Have fun for 45 minutes with Dean, and then feel the new strength and and muscle-tone for the rest of the week!